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Call for Application on Student Outbound Mobility  

Inviting Cagayan State University students to join the five-day exchange program at Universiti of Teknologi Technologi Mara(UiTM)-Kelantan, Malaysia.

Qualifications to join:

The student must meet the following:

1. officially enrolled during the semester of the application period;

2. belong to Level III AACUP Program;

3. academically performing student (at least 85% average grade);

4. active leader in the Program or College where he/she belongs;

5. must be at least 18 years old;

6. must have good moral character;

7. must be third year or second year student during the application period;

7. endorsed by the College Dean and Campus Executive Officer(CEO) ;

6. must be willing to spend costs of the exchange program that will not be shouldered by the Exchange Program.

Procedure for Application and Acceptance for the Exchange Program

1. Fill out the Application Form(AF) for Exchange/Visiting Student.

2.  Fill out the application form and prepare the attachments

3. Dean and CEOs endorse the AF to the Director for International and Partnership(DIP)

4.  DIP reviews the AF and attachments

5.  VPIPRM endorses the AF to the President

6. The University President approves the application of the student and endorses to the Board of Regents(BOR)

7. The BOR approves the travel of the student.

8. The student prepares all the necessary travel documents.

9. The student must attend the Pre-Departure Orientation.

Travel documents and things needed

1. Approved Application Form with attachments

2. Passport

2. Parent's Consent

3. Airfare tickets

4. VISA (if needed)

5. Insurance

Subsidy to be given by CSU

Cagayan State University will shoulder a one-way ticket to UiTM. 

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