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Guidelines for Presenter

  1. Please be at your designated room immediately when the break-out room is provided.

  2. Please check on the website on Dec. 14, 2022 your assigned room. You may be assigned a different theme based on the evaluation of the peer reviewers and the availability of the Room.

  3. Each room will have a maximum of 4 presenters.

  4. The facilitator will give a short introduction of yourself before your presentation.

  5. On the first page of your  PowerPoint Presentation, please include the title of the study, your picture, name, and school. Please submit this page 1 PPT on or before Dec. 13, 2022, at our google drive or email at

  6. Please make sure that the font size of the text of your presentation is large enough to be visible via zoom screen sharing.

  7. Please unmute your microphone only when it is your turn to present.

  8. Each presenter is given 15 minutes to present. The facilitator will provide a reminder 2 minutes before the end of your allotted time.

  9. After all the presenters in the breakout room have presented, there will be Q and A.

  10. The audience can post the question on the chat box for the facilitator to read.

  11. Please answer the question briefly as possible to allow more questions to be asked.

  12. Certificate of Recognition to the presenters will be awarded in each room at the end of the Q and A portion.

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